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Peter, Croatia

MiniCat GUPPY was one of the best family decisions we made. Since we got it in summer last year we have spent many weekends and summer holiday enjoying it together. The kids love it, their sailing skills improved a lot and they are just having so much fun using it. Much recommended. Thanks MiniCat!!!

Jens, Belgium

Great little boat, easy to carry around, easy to assemble and really easy to sail. Love the details on the trampoline and eye-catching colouring. Our neighbours bought one 3 months after us, now our kids go sailing together.

Cathy, USA

For the money, it is the best on the market; we researched really hard before the purchase and could not find anything better. Sails well and it is pleasure to watch our grandson learning to sail on it.

Melvin, UK

Well done MiniCat, with the 10 minutes easy assembly you excelled yourselves. We simply love it. We took it to Gran Canaria with us in the autumn and had a blast!!! There were so many people asking about it and took your details on where to buy one. We are the best advertising for you!!!
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