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GUPPY is a model of MiniCat. MiniCat is an established and well-loved European brand of portable sailboats – ‘The World’s Favorite Portable Sailboat’.

14 years ago a young enthusiastic Czech sailor had the idea to create a unique sailboat that would be easy to transport without a trailer, simple to store, affordable for the wider public and yet still give its users a great experience of sailing.

His aim was to create a real sailing catamaran, not just a toy. It took him 2 years and hundreds of test sailing sessions from the prototype boat to the first real catamaran. That is how the MiniCat brand was established.

Currently with more than 2,000 MiniCat sailboats on oceans and lakes in all corners of the world we have a network of MiniCat distributors and dealers around the world and MiniCat can be seen sailing all over Europe, the US and in countries as far as Brazil, Peru, Australia, Russia, South Africa, Japan, Caribbean, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea and many, many more.

2 years ago having recognised a gap in the sailing market we set about to create yet another sailboat, the smallest from the MiniCat range, a boat that would take the quickest possible time to assemble, would be the lightest to carry, easiest to handle and still look fantastic on the water. And that is how GUPPY was born.

GUPPY, as well as the entire MiniCat range is designed and hand-made only in the EU from the highest quality materials sourced only from within the EU. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern and based on our MiniCat owners’ feedback this is the key to our success.

  • Peter, Croatia

    MiniCat GUPPY was one of the best family decisions we made. Since we got it in summer last year we have spent many weekends and summer holiday enjoying it together. The kids love it, their sailing skills improved a lot and they are just having so much fun using it. Much recommended. Thanks MiniCat!!!

    Jens, Belgium

    Great little boat, easy to carry around, easy to assemble and really easy to sail. Love the details on the trampoline and eye-catching colouring. Our neighbours bought one 3 months after us, now our kids go sailing together.

    Cathy, USA

    For the money, it is the best on the market; we researched really hard before the purchase and could not find anything better. Sails well and it is pleasure to watch our grandson learning to sail on it.

    Melvin, UK

    Well done MiniCat, with the 10 minutes easy assembly you excelled yourselves. We simply love it. We took it to Gran Canaria with us in the autumn and had a blast!!! There were so many people asking about it and took your details on where to buy one. We are the best advertising for you!!!

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