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Laura Dekker, the world famous Dutch/New Zealand sailor who at 16 became the youngest person to circumnavigate the world and made headlines worldwide has long been a big fan of MiniCat, the small lightweight inflatable sailboat and since 2010 has also been a proud MiniCat ambassador.

Laura first came across MiniCat whilst stopping over in Panama during her epic voyage in 2009 when she watched a small inflatable sailboat (MiniCat 310) being sailed and tried it for herself. She instantly loved it and soon became the proud owner of her own MiniCat which she kept stowed on her yacht ‘Guppy’ for fun sailing whenever at anchor.

She has since collaborated with us to design her own version of the best-selling MiniCat 420 model and together we designed the ‘MiniCat 420 Laura Dekker Special Edition’. Laura has also been instrumental in the development and testing of the MiniCat GUPPY.

Thanks to Laura and her belief that sailing should be accessible to everyone it is no coincidence that this wonderful boat is named ‘GUPPY’.

Laura Dekker is an inspirational sailor, the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo.

We are proud to support The Laura Dekker World Sailing Foundation, established by Laura to take young people on ocean voyages in a purpose-built boat, to teach real life skills through sailing challenges. Please find out more and give your support here:


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