• Guppy For Yachts


Guppy for yachts

Want some sailing fun when at anchor? For owners of Motor Yachts, Cruising Yachts, ‘Live-aboards’ and even for charter operators Are you bored with all the normal traditional yacht toys and want something new, different and special, not only fun but also some adrenalin rush, without the noise of motors? Something that will not only be a toy but a serious sailing boat? Then what you need on your yacht is GUPPY.

GUPPY is the yacht toy of choice for real sailors.

Keep it stowed below decks and use it whenever you fancy! It is a fantastic addition to your portfolio of water toys on board. Guppy can even be used as a tender by dropping the mast & sail, adding the option engine mount and using a small electric outboard – a tender that fits in your lockers? How cool is that?

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